ILM Coaching

ILM Endorsed Coach Training

As a lecturer on Counselling Master’s programmes at Keele & Chester Universities, Nicola has a proven track record in successfully developing and delivering counselling and communication skills training.  However, within the private sector, Nicola has developed two tiers of coach training that have been approved and endorsed by the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM). Endorsement by ILM means that the training being delivered meets the industry standard expected for coach skills training.

Why Nicola at NJ Coaching?

Nicola has a proven track record in successfully devising and delivering counselling and coach skills training within the private and public sector.  All associate trainers of NJ Coaching are carefully selected for their coaching expertise, and success in the field of coaching, and all have experience of delivering skills training.

All ILM endorsed courses are rigorously vetted for quality assurance, and success rates are monitored, so you can be sure that the quality of the training you are being offered is externally validated.

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What people say when they’ve undertaken Nicola’s coaching training:

Testimonials from Coaching Masterclass (Nov 2016 & Feb 2017):
“Well organised, informative and kept me interested all day”
“Clear, structured, informative, very enjoyable”
“Would recommend, very professional”
“Excellent & Stimulating. I enjoyed it and it passed too quickly”
“Shown me how I can integrate (coaching) into my practice”
“Really valuable investment of time, thank you for a thought provoking event”
“Thank you for a very insightful day Nicola”
“Really enjoyable & informative”
“Would recommend the course”
“You have a lovely manner Nicola; made it enjoyable & easy to learn”

Advanced Coaching Skills 3 day Programme (Jan 2017)
“Loved it! Great new skills that I look forward to putting into practice; Delivery & group supportive”
“I feel really well resourced. I am astounded at the level of detail Nicola places in her work and the way it is delivered”
“Excellent.Excellent. Excellent”